BLUR (SOHO) 286 Spring Street, NYC (between Hudson & Varick Street)


house (hous) n.
1. A household or family
2. A place of dwelling
3. Some funky shit that will make you wanna shake your ass.

Every week music lovers can enjoy one of the finest aural experiences at Blur  with it's cool bar theme that changes color to set your mood.  Come and experience this magical evening !!  We feature local talent and only the best chosen dj's. A big thanks to everyone who continues to support us and keeps the party going!  We invite up-coming, skilled dj's to drop off a demo representing what they do best to either Anthony or Iman. Pass the word if you know any aspiring talent. 

BLUR may be a tiny club, but its sound system kicks ass !!

21+ / ID Required
Doors open at 10pm - Closing
Admission: $5

Direction: Take the C, E to Spring St

BLUR Resident Dj's:
(WickedLiquid, NYC) Deep, Sexy, Progressive/Tech-house

The momentum begins with perpetual, groovy progressive house/break beats to stylistically combine with melodic tracks, driving towards progressive trance/vocals with dropouts of deep dark trance/techno.  Building on this continuous cycle of higher peaks and lower valleys, his musical journey solidly elevates the mind, penetrates the body and satisfies the soul. His transcendental journey into progressive sounds made him a big influence in the New York City Club scene.
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(WickedLiquid, NYC) Progressive/Tech-house/Techno

His sound and style are constantly evolving to reveal his meticulous sense of otherworldly sound and perfect balance.  His sets vary wildly from night to night, but the one constant is his unfettered ability to take his listeners on a spontaneous musical journey. Tribal House melts into Trance, Trance fades into Techno,  and the blends continue, eventually merging to form a complete musical circle that both mesmerizes and energizes. Variations in intensity create crackling movement within his sets. And that movement translates into dance floor ululations of the most primal sort.



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12.12.03 - WickedLiquid presents HOUSE with:
               - ANTHONY VELARDE
               - IMAN RIZKY

12.05.03 - WickedLiquid presents Perverted Grooves
               - JOE BOND (Perverted Grooves)
               - RUS DEEP
(Perverted Grooves)

11.28.03 - Post Thanksgiving Night

- SONNY H (Underground 11, Los Angeles)
               - SUNEEL
(revival, NYC)
LASIX (homegrown, NYC)

11.21.03 - SubDivision with Nathan Leonard (Homegrown)
               - JOONKUE
               - NATHAN LEONARD
               - DJ ALRIS

- Launching Party & Birthday Celebrations for Nicole & Synthia
               - CHARLIE RUHLE (oscillate, d3)