FLUTE (Midtown) 205 West 54th Street (between 7th Ave and Broadway), NYC 


Flute was designed by noted industrial designer and father of Hervé Rousseau, Jean Pierre Rousseau. The elder Rousseau is known for designing specialty items such as pens, key rings, tabletop and picture frames. Among his most unique projects is a transportable factory made completely out of plastic. Flute marks Jean Pierre  Rousseau's first commercial space design and his first labor of love with his son.

Keeping Flute true to its speakeasy history, Jean Pierre Rousseau kept low ceilings and the maze of intimate alcoves. The walls are painted in a tranquil shade of yellow that slightly brightens the dimly lit room. Low couches, custom-built banquettes and matching ottomans covered in rich, jewel-toned velvet, strewn with soft lavender, sea green and ice blue pillows, line the walls and surround gold painted glass tray tables. Votives flicker throughout the room.

It is when one heads toward the long copper bar that one notices the little details that bring Flute to life. A glass-enclosed compartment peeks out from underfoot with a bottle of 1928 Krug (a souvenir from the Club Intime days) hidden inside. Vintage brass lamps - salvaged from a condemned European factory - are side by side with vintage lamps from New York's Chanin building bought at auction by Jean Pierre Rousseau. Just to the left of the bar is a full wine cellar stocked with 1500 bottles - 80% of which are Champagnes. The cellar is protected by double glass - through which one can see the most valuable bottles in Flute's collection - and features an amateur oil painting of a bathing lady.

Some of Hervé Rousseau's prized collectibles make up the most interesting additions to Flute's décor. A ledge in the front of the bar holds a small collection of Champagne flutes, brought to life with colored water. A second ledge near the wine cellar displays a collection of mini Martini shakers. The walls are decorated with reproductions of 16th century French linens featuring flute designs fund in an antique shop in the south of France. Art Deco clocks, found at flea markets and remote antique stores are placed throughout Flute - most notably as the centerpiece in a floor to ceiling height, glass-enclosed display case.

Also in the display case are an assortment of Champagne and wine glasses - some vintage, some brand new and from a variety of makers including Lalique, Riedel and a steadily growing collection of "bar art," (little models made out of Champagne corks). The bar art collection, created by Flute staff members, already includes a chair and a baby stroller. Rounding out the personal pieces Hervé Rousseau has contributed to Flute is a beautiful, 1920's mahogany wine cabinet.

Weekly Resident Dj:
(WickedLiquid, NYC) Deep, Sexy, Progressive/Tech-house

The momentum begins with perpetual, groovy progressive house/break beats to stylistically combine with melodic tracks, driving towards progressive trance/vocals with dropouts of deep dark trance/techno.  Building on this continuous cycle of higher peaks and lower valleys, his musical journey solidly elevates the mind, penetrates the body and satisfies the soul. His transcendental journey into progressive sounds made him a big influence in the New York City Club scene.
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