Homegrown ­ One Year Anniversary
Leopard Lounge/Sin Sin is located at 85 2nd Ave. at 5th St - weıre on the first floor level.
(take the F or V train to 2nd Ave. or the 6 train to Broadway & Lafayette, walk)

Tuesday, June 10th at Sin Sin 8pm-2am

Happy Birthday Homegrown!!!

It's been a year since the four of us started this labor of love - a project we call Homegrown. Over the past year we've had over 135 talented DJs come through our doors and we thank all of you (DJs and Music Heads alike) for your continued support.

This Tuesday, June 10th, will kick off our week long birthday celebration with some amazing talented guests and really kick ass drink specials: 9pm ­ 11pm FREE Rheingold Beer and $4 well mixed drinks.

**Special Guests Alert**

Bred on house beats stemming from the early 80s, Iman Rizky absorbed the transcendental musical experience every weekend at Red Zone, The Tunnel and Limelightıs Disco 2000.  With this in mind, Iman was able to experiment in developing his own unique sound.  As a result, a level of maturity has
arisen in his performance.

As the likes of his mentors, Junior Vasquez, Paul Van Dyk, Sasha & John Digweed, Iman is the Master of Ceremony leading his audience on a thrilling and ravishing roller-coaster ride.  The momentum begins with perpetual and groovy progressive house/break beats, stylistically layering it with melodic sounds, driving towards some amazing and beautiful progressive vocals with a trip into deep, dark tech-house. Building on this continuous cycle of higher peaks and lower valleys, Iman's musical performance solidly elevates the mind, penetrates the body and satisfies the soul.

In September 2002, Iman Rizky joined forces with Balance Promote Group roster DJ, Luis Diaz "The Golden Child of Miami", for their 2002 UNIKO TOUR to South East Asia.

This weekıs line up

Stuart McKeown 8pm ­ 9pm
Mark Fargoulias 9pm ­ 10pm
Iman Rizky 10pm ­ 11pm
Luis Diaz 11pm ­ 1am
Nathan Leonard 1am ­ 2am

Happy Hour: 6pm ­ 8pm
Drink Specials: 9pm ­ 11pm FREE Rheingold Beer and $4 well mixed drinks
DJs start at 8pm and go untilS.
Dress code: Come as you want.
Door: FREE.

Homegrown is a free weekly showcase of NYCıs local up-and-coming DJ talent.
Our sole purpose is to support New York City's thriving DJ scene. No
attitudes. No discrimination based on experience. Simply an intimate setting
where bedroom DJs get a shot at the spotlight and music heads get a chance
to hear the unheard.

Every week all the DJs sets are recorded and then broadcasted on the web at
www.metromixradio.com. Open call to DJs: come down and submit your demos for
an opportunity to spin in the future. Four 60-minute slots are available
each week to be filled by up-and-comers and bedroom DJs alike, not to
mention some very special guests. Come out to support your local talent and
have a good time.