07.12.03 - Centro Fly, NYC

photos courtesy of Sergio

Anthony Velarde and Iman Rizky are teaming up with Moonshine's, 
Charles FeelGood
on Centro-fly's main floor this saturday night

Main Room:
Charles Feelgood (Moonshine, 611 records, djfeelgood.com)
Anthony Velarde (Wicked Liquid, anthonyvelarde.com)
Iman Rizky (Wicked Liquid, ImanRizky.com)

Pinky Room:

Centro-Fly  45 W 21st St @ 6th Ave

Charles Feelgood  :: put the Baltimore and Washington DC rave scene on the map. Back in 1990, with his then partner Scott Henry, Feelgood co-produced and launched his now legendary hometown club Fever, introducing Baltimore/DC to featured DJs including Sven Vath, Dave Clark and Derrick Carter. As quoted in the September, 2000 issue of Urb, “Fever…went on to form the cornerstone of the Baltimore/DC rave scene”. It was through Fever that Feelgood embarked on a DJing career that has so far extended over a decade, which shows no signs of slowing down. It was from his exposure with Fever that Feelgood’s popularity quickly rose, as his weekly club was packed with up to 2,500 fans every Thursday for over six years. Feelgood’s ability to drop kick-ass House music conveniently allows him to crossover between raves and clubs with ease and it is this talent that has enabled him to consistently rake in the praise and admiration from fans and fellow DJs alike. In addition to his busy touring schedule, Feelgood has expanded into production and remixing including six new tracks for his own label, Charm City Records. Another one of his singles, “I Want You To Fly”, was recently released through F-111. His first release on Moonshine, “Can You Feel It?”, showcases his unique style of blending funky, bumpin’, party-time House that aptly resembles one of his famous club sets.

To this day, Feelgood remains one of the most beloved DJs in the country. From Coast to Coast and from week to week he can be seen spinning at landmark clubs such as (Twilo) Shampoo and Spundae, not to mention his wild popularity overseas. With Feelgood’s vibrant personality and banging peak hour House sets only one question remains - Can You Feel It?


photos courtesy of Anthony Velarde