12.17.05 NEW YORK CITY

139 EAST 45TH ST

9pm-4am / 2 for 1 drink specials between 10-11pm
21+ / $10 cover / Dress code: B1 with yourself. Dress to dance.

Come celebrate our fourth installment of BUMP :::::::::::::::: Tribal.

The Tribal Spirit awakens and explodes in vibrant celebration of raw
percussion, house and techno. We welcome you with a backdrop of sound
poetry that materializes images of carefree dancing under a moonlit sky
within a comfortable, modern lounge filled with lazers, flat screen video
monitors, live performance artists and smooth, driving mixes. Contagious
excitement contained in a beat uplifts and enlightens. Imagine indiginous
cultural sounds fused with technology and spontaneous rhythm variations.
Look at music in a new light. ....think BUMP!

Bump v. bumped, bump-ing. bumps
To strike or collide with.
To cause to knock against an obstacle.
To knock to a new position; shift; bumped the crate out of the way. To
shake up and down; jolt.
To displace from a position within a group or organization.
To raise; boost.

:::::Bump is an underground electronica event management and promotions
team inspired by the unmeasurable energy that is the New York City's dance
music scene. Our experience behind the decks as well as being on the
dancefloor has excited us to bring you our passion for creating the ideal
environment for the educated and novice listener. A synonomous vision has
bred a collaboration between a NYC and Louisiana production to create Bump
and to change the the way we look at the life of a party. We welcome you
into our home through the integration of sound, performance artists,
lasers and technology and into the future of music history. We take you a
few steps ahead of what once was into a defined and undoubtably cohesive
version of an underground event.........

::: Join us for Agent Orange's yearly renewal BIRTHDAY celebration and in
reuniting former Wickedliquid partner, Iman Rizky ...

the djs:
Anthony Velarde | Bump NYC/ Subdivision | Gotham Grooves | www.anthonyvelarde.com
Agent Orange | Gotham Grooves | www.gothamgrooves.com
Iman Rizky | Kudeta | www.imanrizky.com